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B-OIL is a Spanish company which offers the lowest gasoline and diesel prices in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. It is opening a new gas station in the heart of Barcelona thanks to our modern and flexible app.

B-OIL needed an Android & iOS app capable of sending push notifications to users, inform them about discounts and compare prices with its competitors.

The client also wanted to include an interactive map to locate other gas stations in any region of Spain. In addition, they required that the app displays real-time prices and help users find the cheapest nearby gas station.

The Challenge

The client needed a cost-effective solution that would integrate real-time gas prices from all providers and allow potential new clients to compare their prices with the competition. They also wanted their current customers to be capable of checking information of the station and to receive push notifications with relevant news.

The Solution

We designed a cross-platform app that optimized user experience, to make it easy to use, without compromising computing power. Using the latest mobile technologies, we developed a product that added value to the company and its users who are now empowered to customize their experience with B-Oil gas stations. In addition, we provided an analytics system to track user behavior, which is helpful in elevating the user experience.


With the new mobile app, users are able to check updated gas station prices in real-time, and improve customer service by sending an email or via any social network directly from the app.
Our app played a key role in the viralization of B-Oil stations, which led to the opening of a new location inBarcelona. Google Play and App Store reviews average around 4.2 stars, and monthly installations have been steadily increasing by 13% every month.


Testimonial from the Client

Starshot worked on the project as if it were their project, they dedicated the time to improve, recommend and solve the challenges that arose. I can not be happier to trust this great company.
Christine Patterson
Head of Sales, Acme Inc.

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