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Join our team of talented user experience designers, developers, digital strategists, and above all true collaborators.

Attracting and developing the best talent is always an important  area of focus for Starshot Software, as we believe that our people are not only our greatest asset but also our biggest competitive advantage.

In fact, at Starshot you are not a number, employee or resource – but someone who will make a difference to our clients, community and company!

Every employee is special and so when you work at Starshot, here’s what you can look forward to:
We work on very cool projects.What drives business today is technology and we are the technology arm for some of the worlds most recognized brands. Whether it is Agile, Digital, Testing, Analytics – you will be at the forefront of changing and shaping the market.
Working for a multinational company makes you more of a global citizen. The world is getting more globalized and this experience will dramatically increase your ability to understand how to work across cultures. And learning about new cultures is both rewarding and fascinating!
To make every Starshot Software’s work experience exciting and enriching, we are always looking for new ways to further enhance our value proposition. To ensure a great experience at Starshot, you will find many smart people management tools and practices.
What we have is a much more nimble company where you can feel like you are making a difference and you are empowered to take decisions.

Why Starshot

Flexible schedules
Choose your working hours and distribute your own free time to take a break, eat or rest.
Agile methodologies
We use methodologies like Scrum that increase efficiency, productivity and software quality with each iteration.
Increase your
business growth
You’ll be part of a growing company with an enviable future.
Competitive salaries
We value our employees and offer the highest wages possible in relation to your experience.
Remote working
No matter where you work from, we’ll make sure you feel close to our team.
Professional team
You’ll work with a team of professionals with expertise in different market technologies, allowing you to grow and expand your knowledge.
Mutual trust
We trust our employees and your feedback
and insight helps us improve and grow.
Flat structure
At Starshot there is no hierarchy in terms of opportunities you can take, create, or how you can relate to people.

Recruitment Processes

Send us your resume and portfolio with your contact information.
If your skills and experience align with any of our jobs openings, we will contact you.
Our recruiters will talk to you about your experience, skills and will test your English level.
You’ll take a test to assess your relevant skills.
Congrats! 🎉 You’ve proven you’re one of the best and belong on our team. We’ll be happy to have you on board!


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Student Program

Are you looking for an internship in the software industry?

Employees discussing ideas

Benefits for you!

Career growth
Join us and you’ll not only grow professionally, but also personally in ways that will help you be successful at any job.
Fantastic work environment
You’ll work with an innovative and funny team of tech lovers (and pizza lovers, too!). We eat together in the office kitchen every day.
Expand your network
You’ll meet and work with a team of professionals from all over the world, and develop a network of contacts that you can draw on for the rest of your career.
You’ll work closely with a great team of professionals who will make sure that you have the tools and support you need to be successful.

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