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Our client from the United Arab Emirates is a leading oil company with over 55,000 employees worldwide.

The client required an AI which could automatically respond to a massive number of queries of their employees.

Labor policies and employment standards
eServices. Enquiries and general requirements to Human Resources. Questions lacking business interest.

The Challenge

Overcoming different security levels of a large undertaking. The company comprises various levels of security, several proxies, and multiple applications with different endpoints and tokens. Each of these applications belong to different departments. Therefore, each of them requires distinct security protocols.

The Solution

Starshot developed a chatbot that automates many internal processes in relation to Human Resources and overcome security filters and complex queries from employees in relation to Business Intelligence. Using the advanced chatbot technologies, we implemented the simplest and precise dialogues to enable the client and their users to adapt to the AI.


We created a chatbot which automated many internal communication flows therefore optimizing and enhancing services for employees, and relieving the company of manual and repetitive labor.
With Starshot's AI-based solution, our client significantly save money and countless hours by automating responses with a chatbot.


Testimonial from the Client

Starshot worked on the project as if it were their project, they dedicated the time to improve, recommend and solve the challenges that arose. I can not be happier to trust this great company.
Christine Patterson
Head of Sales, Acme Inc.

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