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Our solutions are designed in such a way that we ensure efficient site management, a key stage in preventing losses resulting from possible inefficiency. Also, we can develop the best tools and processes and the most suitable methods to help you fulfill the business needs and be prepared for the opportunities offered in the immediate future.

Challenges in Construction Industry

Poor Productivity and Profitability
The barriers to entry in construction are low, creating a saturated marketplace with heavy competition. This competition is shrinking profit margins and constraining essential reinvestment in new technology and better business practices. Stagnant construction labor productivity is compounding this problem.
Project Performance
The opportunities in construction are growing, but so is project complexity. With companies already operating under razor-thin profit margins, a single production surprise can wipe out profits for the whole company. Design complexity compounds this problem. As designs become larger and require greater efficiency, construction companies struggle to keep up.
Skilled Labor Shortages
The construction industry is bracing for a dramatic reduction in workforce.Traditionalists have nearly all left the workforce and baby boomer retirement is in full swing. By 2020, millennials are expected to represent half of the global workforce– many with little to no experience or interest in the construction industry. The combination of increasing project complexity and decreasing experience is a risk multiplier, increasing the risk of deliverable delays, quality construction problems, and employee safety concerns.
Sustainability Concerns
The construction industry is the top global consumer of raw materials. It generates between 25 to 40 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Climate change and water management are two environmental issues that pose a growing challenge. Smart planning and sustainable design could reduce energy consumption and pollution, but require a new approach to project management.

Unlock the Third Dimension in Construction with Augmented Reality

As-build Vs As-designed Validation
From 3D AR reconstructions in real time to AR clash detection, transforms the construction process to help you achieve the highest level of engineering precision. In continuous progress monitoring, use AR to detect and eliminate errors earlier — by comparing as-built models with the designed 4D BIM representations. Most importantly, augmented reality in construction presents an unparalleled way to explore the construction site from all sides, down to the smallest detail.
3D Site Reconstruction
Use augmented reality construction solutions to combine on-site sensors with images from photo and video cameras. Then, allow the BIM managers to extract structural information in real time and digitally reconstruct the site for further detailed analysis and simulation.
Automatic Hazard Detection
Enhance safety monitoring with advanced imaging algorithms that continuously monitor the state of all critical infrastructures and temporal equipment movements, as well as send emergency notifications to the wearable devices carried by the field staff. The use of augmented reality in construction goes beyond headsets.
Teleoperations and Collaboration
The decentralization of the design and architecture services unlocked the creative potential for owners and made it possible to work with the leading service providers. Such level of decentralization requires new tools and approaches in collaboration. Allowing to operate remotely and respond more rapidly on different stages of the construction process, AR comes as a fitting solution.

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