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Starshot empowers your institution to become a pioneer in providing a world class education. We strive to make the most of this education expansion to online modes by delivering engaging and interactive learning and training solutions that create a brand identity for institutions, entrepreneurs, corporate, schools, colleges and universities.

Challenges in Education Industry

Adaptability Struggle
It isn’t easy for students to switch from a traditional classroom and face-to-face instructor-led teaching to virtual, desktop or mobile-based learning. They do not find it that smooth and connecting as it was in attending real-time classes.
Technical Problems
Most times, the e-learning websites and applications are not well-equipped with technical components and break off the connection in between, which creates disturbance and breaks the concentration of the student. A high-performance technical support is required.
While in physical teaching, there are various open-ended questions that are discussed in the classroom, clearing the doubts and queries of students at the same time.
Students learn better when they are in groups. Currently, however, learners in an online class work mostly on digital islands quarantined from all other land masses. By connecting students, either online concurrently or geographically close, leads to more explorations and quality learning.

How We Bring Value

Interactive & Engaging Solutions
To overcome the boredom and complexity of using a technically-advanced education platform among students and corporate learners, we build simple yet collaborating and appealing apps that help them to connect with the system and enjoy the benefits of online learning.
Collaborative Learning
For a group learning experience, we incorporate tools and technologies that let the learners interact with their peers or other students taking the same course at the same time and discuss problem solving, also embedding a live tutor feature.
Video-based and Game-based Training
To help institutions and education groups create an impact on the students and strengthen their brand among the global audience, our solutions foster thousands of online educational videos from industry experts with bug-free code at backend. Also, our game-based learning solutions offer a blend of entertainment with education, which provides a learning value to users.

Key Solutions

Related Services We Offer

Quality Assurance
Software Outsourcing
AI & Chatbots Development
VR & AR Development

Few of Our Favorite Projects

old couple using mobile applicationNarus Health mobile app solution in iPhoneX

Narus Health

This app helped Narus Health to improve its products and services, and to boost value on the sell-side of its acquisition.

Space Inch

The community has valued Donuts Go Crazy as an exemplar for puzzle games.
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woman playing Donuts Go Crazy game mobile appSpace Inch mobile app solution
female employees using chatbot appStarshot Chatbots solution in iPhoneX

Chatbots for Businesses

A chatbot which automated many internal communication flows therefore optimizing and enhancing services for employees.
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