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Starshot is at the forefront in providing customized, innovative, and cost efficient solutions to healthcare providers. Our technology solutions help providers improve patient care through enhanced safety and quality of medical care.

Our philosophy of ‘Enabling Experience’ across the healthcare ecosystem enables us to address the challenges of providing affordable and accessible healthcare services. Our approach to learning and customizing software solutions to meet business priorities of our customers makes us a unique partner.

Challenges in Healthcare Industry

Managing the Big Data
To treat each patient on mobile or desktop and to suggest them the right diet, medication and exercise, huge data has to be stored, managed and processed by IT tools and technologies across multiple devices. Collecting high volumes of data at speed is a challenge because each detail has to be stored privately and securely.
Online Reputation Management
Traditional measures of treating patients and providing nursing and care are inadequate in today’s digital health marketplace. Patient experience (PX) is the dominant driver for technology investments and innovative programs. Most health systems do not have effective means to capture patient feedback.
The Trust
The healthcare industry, and pharma in particular, doesn't have the best reputation thanks in part to controversies over subjects like drug pricing. That has created a trust gap in which consumers as well as physicians are less likely to trust ads and information that come from healthcare marketers.
Patients Want The Innovative
The core features patients expect from their health system are surprisingly mundane. To gratify the audiences of all ages is a challenge because in this industry, patients are more interested in efficiency, integration with other channels, value-based care than just appealing interfaces.

How We Bring Value

Data Collection and Data Privacy
Implementing the most effective big data analytics solutions, we can easily map the data to the right patient so that it goes to the therapist and comes back with effective solutions. Our big data services that help in managing appointments, provide secure access to health records and correspond with clinical.
Targeting Patients Personally
Apps built using our mobile application platform help hospitals and healthcare providers tackle their most significant challenges. Cut losses due to missed appointments by sending timely reminders to your patients. Help patients get where they’re going with real-time indoor navigation functionality. Send important updates to visitors based on their location in the building with beacon-based push notification triggers.
Employee Management
Empower your employees with the digital tools they need to react quickly and work efficiently. Create a mobile command center for your hospital facilities and allow doctors and nurses to report incidents. Use mobile schedules and online consultation tools to help doctors respond to the needs of their patients quicker. Track and prioritize patient flow in the ER with the help of real-time notifications.
Analytics and Administration
Our mobile platform includes powerful administration tools that help you control content, analyze usage statistics for employees and patients, and make workflow improvements based on actionable analytics. Use location analytics to create heatmaps, increase efficiency with comprehensive scheduling and resource management tools, and integrate third-party software to expand your mobile suite’s functionality.

Emerging Technology Solutions

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old couple using mobile applicationNarus Health mobile app solution in iPhoneX

Narus Health

This app helped Narus Health to improve its products and services, and to boost value on the sell-side of its acquisition.


Payments can be executed in a fraction of the time, customers can review and edit their accounts intuitively.
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female employees using chatbot appStarshot Chatbots solution in iPhoneX

Chatbots for Businesses

A chatbot which automated many internal communication flows therefore optimizing and enhancing services for employees.
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