Quality Assurance Services

Nowadays, IT quality assurance has taken an essential role to avoid mistakes and ensure fully functional and working apps by carefully checking every possible situation and could lead to a bug in the software provided by the company.

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What is its purpose?
Improve the provided software’s quality and features. QA allows an easy detection and prevention of possible problems/bugs before its release.
Discover the main reason of the problem/bug aiming to report high-detailed information to be able to solve it and for the benefit of the currently developed software.
Minimize software development and maintenance costs.
ISO standard requirements compliance, attributes that denote reliability and trust in a business.
Starshot provides highly competent Quality Assurance experts, so you can focus on your core business.
We have a team with a great amount of experience in Software testing, both in web and mobile apps, capable of carrying out projects of a different nature and adapting to customer requirements with quality results, project efficiency and test velocity.

At Starshot, we are able to improve the delivered software’s quality and adapt to our customer’s needs. Due to our experienced, dynamic and up-to-date professional team, our clients can put their trust in us to test any software in any field.

A tailored QA plan will be designed to have clear and well-defined goals with accurate requirements. Throughout the different design phases and the whole coding process, our QA team will ensure the compliance of the established standards.
Our Application Testing Expertise
We specialize in a complete range of industry verticals catering to all kinds of start-ups and small businesses.

Our Quality Assurance Process

Read and revision of specifications
Technical Project Documentation
Look & Feel Checking
Smoke Tests Creation
Manual Testing Execution
Design & creation of test cases
Automation & Manual testing execution
Compatibility on browsers and mobile devices
At Starshot, the QA process starts at early development stages. While the development team works on feature implementation, the QA team defines the acceptance criteria, as well as elaborates strategies to test some of the features.

After these criteria are set, the team elaborates different test cases based on aspects that have a direct impact on the software (functionality, performance, security…) to be ready and prepared for release in the appropriate testing environment.

Once the software testing process has started, test performance is simultaneously being carried out. During this process, every single problem/bug that is detected will be notified. After ending this phase, a detailed report will be issued and sent to the customer, in which test results, potential risks and detected problems are analyzed. This report will be sent along with the QA team recommendation on how to solve these problems and whether or not the software should be released.
Key Benefits
When you choose to outsource our software product QA services, you get a highly efficient team with host of business benefits
Business Optimisation
Our quality assurance makes your software better and help you to optimize your business in terms of customer satisfaction.
Our dedicated testers bring out the fullest of your software and make sure they worth every penny.
Reduced Cost
When we test your software, it becomes nearly flawless and intern reduces the future maintenance cost.
Trusted & Skilled Developers
We pair you with our in-house developers whose skillsets match your needs afterwards. They reliably and dedicatedly work for you.
Preferred Quality
We test your software in various ways in order to maintain quality so that it is safe from the upcoming markets threats.
Enhanced Automation
Our testers take 30% less time and focus more on automation. We ensure up to 65% of automation levels.
Integrity & Transparency
Your idea is safe with us as we respect your secrecy, work transparently and our testers follow NDA throughout the process.
Hire a Team of Your Choice
You interview every dedicated testers you hire. If you decide not to continue, we will either provide replacement, or you get a refund.
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