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Why a Software Development Partner?

The future of retail & e-commerce sector is astronomic. Within the United States itself, one million retail stores are provisioned, accounting to revenue of four trillion dollars. As the technology is advancing, retail industry perceives a change in the way they fine-tune with consumers. Furnishing technological solutions for the retail & e-commerce industry for over a decade.

As a Retail & e-commerce development company, Starshot meets all the technology related needs of such businesses and help them to serve their customers better. We provide services and industry expertise for Retail & e-commerce companies to help you adapt your business models to technological changes and develop platforms that shape relevant and impactful customer experience.

Key Challenges in Retail & e-commerce Industry

Being one of the most dynamic industry, there are many challenges to be addressed repeatedly
Be Relevant to Customer
The customers buying online has become digitally mature and understand the difference between what's meaningful to them and what's just an advertising trick. The challenge for retailers is how to give exactly what's relevant to the user and avoid the irrelevant to ensure consumer loyalty for the product and services.
Omnichannel Dilemma
Another concern is omni-commerce experience wherein e-tailers are looking to maximize the inventory they have and to ensure that it is accessible via all selling channels and customer engagement points. Many of them are leveraging technology that needs to be updated and replaced with novel and advanced tools to keep up with customer's changing demands.
E-commerce giant, Amazon, has become a threat for every retailer planning to start an online store. In an online survey conducted in North America, they discovered that between 2009 and 2011, the number of customers beginning their research for an online purchase on Google dropped from 24% to 13% whereas Amazon saw staggering growth from 17% to 30%. To think of ways to constantly compete and work under a premise that Amazon eventually will, is challenging.
Targeting Millennials
Gen 'Y' is the demographic generation of consumers that are digitally native and are fast becoming the most influential group of consumers. The challenge is to delight the informed and technology-driven millennials who are looking for highest quality standards and utmost level of convenience.

How Starshot Can Help

Holistic Customer Experience
With the mindset, we deploy a real-time model across all channels to enhance the customer experience. Our experts focus on creating a single, unified commerce platform, which eliminates individual channel silos and offers a holistic customer experience across all touch points.
Advanced Tools
The most modern tools and technologies are used to build e-commerce solutions. Shopify, WooCommerce, Opencart are the tools we have been using since their inception.
Point of Sale Security and Payments
Our solutions are aimed at securing the POS and all customer data from breach-whether on website or mobile app. As data security is high on everyone's list of concerns, we ensure using trustworthy payment options that are cost-effective for the clients and provide 100% customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Our Solutions for Retail & e-commerce Companies

At Starshot, we have dedicated development teams who are experts in building business solutions according to the specific client requirements of Retail & e-commerce industries

What Services Can You Opt From Starshot?

Quality Assurance
Software Outsourcing
AI & Chatbots Development
VR & AR Development

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