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Worldsensing has built on its expertise in low-power wireless sensing networks and has created comprehensive vertical solutions in sectors where IoT is making a measurable impact. They empower customers to make the right operational decisions based on real-time intelligence. These insights enable operators to understand the performance of distributed infrastructure, make predictions, improve efficiency and even prevent disasters.

Mobility is a powerful, end-to-end, agile Operational Intelligence solution for cities. It helps local authorities adapt to the necessities of the 21st century and paves the way for collaboration between departments and agencies.

The Challenge

The client wanted to create a powerful, agile, end-to-end solution helping cities connect urban operations to make faster and better decisions.

The Solution

We developed the front-end of the project, making it elegant and keeping it simple while showing all the data needed to control the state of the traffic in the city. We also improved part of the code to make the website faster and more robust.


The new web app has an intuitive UI with end-to-end and agile operational intelligence solution for cities.
Users can easily view the data needed to control the state of the traffic in the city.
As a result, the web app paved the way for fast collaboration between departments and agencies.


Testimonial from the Client

Starshot worked on the project as if it were their project, they dedicated the time to improve, recommend and solve the challenges that arose. I can not be happier to trust this great company.
Christine Patterson
Head of Sales, Acme Inc.

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