American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP)
Scalability and Flexibility in One Solution

ACEP is an organization of emergency medicine professionals based in the United States.

Case Study, Healthcare, Mobile, App Development

The goal of our collaboration was to create a scalable and flexible Sign-on Application for Android and IOS. The app was developed using Agile Methodologies, relying on stakeholder engagement to ensure that the final product is satisfactory.


The project is divided into 3 distinct phases: Discovery, Design and Prototyping and Development. During the Discovery Phase, we plan to work closely with ACEP to properly identify their needs and find appropriate solutions.

Once we move onto the Design and Prototyping phase, we create wireframes and a prototype to provide a rough draft of the project for revisions Throughout this phase, both companies communicate on a weekly basis to provide regular updates and feedback.


After a prototype is approved we push forward to the Development Phase. In this phase, we code the new app based on the information gathered from the previous phases. We also perform Quality Assurance to guarantee that we continue to meet our client's standards.

When development is finished, we move on to deployment. This includes final testing, changes and bug fixes and finally, making the app widely available to users.

Starshot also provided bug resolution for up to 15 days after deployment.

After completing the app, we continue to work on improvements as well as add new tools for better user functionality.