Simple Design that Drives Action

CYC is one of the biggest benefit savings providers for U.S. healthcare. Our collaborative goal was to give their mobile and app technologies a modern rebrand: from clunky and expensive systems to something that satisfied customers and drove profits for the company.

Healthcare, CYC, Mobile, App Development

We collaborated with our US-based brother company, Space Inch, to place Starshot's Project Executive at CYC's onsite offices enabling us to fully understand CYC's needs and familiarize ourselves with their priorities. We also held regular meetings and check-ins to keep everyone on target as to our desired outcome.

Together, we settled on a mobile-first approach that was specifically designed to deliver the results that we had set out to achieve.


We found solutions to legacy problems that no one had solved before. Afterwards, we worked on improvements such as ensuring 508 accessibility compliance and an OCR functionality for the app.


The new mobile and web apps have significantly reduced costs and made all top functions easier for internal and external users.

Payments can be executed in a fraction of the time, customers can review and edit their accounts intuitively, and paperwork has almost completely been eliminated, which also enables the client’s

sustainability goals.

CYC skyrocketed to success, started working with clients like Microsoft and Citibank, and was later acquired by Optum, giving the company more resources to serve its customers better.

To this day we continue to work with CYC, providing constant improvements and continuous service to ensure a seamless experience for CYC users across the country.