Connect Your Care
Redefining Savings Experience

Connect Your Care is one of the biggest benefit savings providers for U.S. healthcare. Our collaborative goal was to give their mobile and app technologies a modern rebrand: from clunky and expensive systems to something that satisfied customers and drove profits for the company.

Healthcare, CYC, Mobile, App Development

Spearheading innovation, our team led a cutting-edge app revamp for Connect Your Care (CYC), a distinguished healthcare savings provider in the United States.

Discover how we leveraged technology to deliver a more seamless healthcare savings experience for their users.


Outdated and costly app systems impact user experience and internal operations. In pursuit of modernization, our collaboration aimed to rebrand their mobile and web apps for a streamlined, user-friendly, and cost-effective healthcare savings experience.


In collaboration with our US-based partner, Space Inch, we placed a project executive at CYC's onsite offices to fully understand their needs and priorities. Regular meetings and check-ins facilitated a mobile-first approach, significantly reducing costs and enhancing top functions for internal and external users. To make the app more inclusive and user-friendly, we ensured 508 accessibility compliance, complemented by OCR functionality.

Payments are now processed quickly, customers can easily review and edit their accounts, and we've almost eliminated the need for paperwork.

This shift played a role in CYC's success, leading to collaborations with clients such as Microsoft and Citibank.