Refined Communication, Oil Edition

Our client for Chatbot is a global leader in oil, based in the United Arab Emirates. They needed an AI that could respond to queries from their over 55,000 employees worldwide.


Our client for Chatbot is a global leader in oil based in the United Arab Emirates. With over 55,000 global employees distributed worldwide, the client sought an AI solution to streamline communication and support. 

Check out how we leveled up their communication game.


The main goal was to create a sleek interface, improving communication efficiency across their global network.


Working alongside a key partner, we assembled a small team to develop a Chatbot using Microsoft infrastructure. This innovative solution aimed to eliminate the need for employees to navigate the website and overcome security filters to access information.

We followed a Scrum-based workflow with daily standups, sprint reviews, and retrospectives to ensure progress tracking. Access to all necessary materials was secured from the beginning, simplifying the implementation of dialogues.

The Chatbot's implementation not only streamlined their internal processes but also helped them achieve remarkable resource and cost reductions.