Automated HR for Employees

Our client for Chatbot is a global leader in oil, based in the United Arab Emirates. They needed an AI that could respond to queries from their over 55,000 employees worldwide.


Programming was our sole focus for this project. Our client provided us with the direction that they wanted to go and we collaborated with another agency to develop the bot. To keep track of progress, we followed a Scrum-based workflow that included daily standups, sprint reviews and retrospectives.


We requested all forms of access from the beginning, to ensure that we had all the materials we needed. We then implemented the simplest dialogues and carried out various connection tests. Upon approval of the dialogue, we carried out revisions and deployed the application in a test environment


The result was the complete automation of many internal processes related to Human resources, which led to greater resource and cost reduction across multiple departments.

The Chatbot eliminated the need for employees to access the website and overcome security filters in order to access information, greatly streamlining internal processes for our client.