Narus Health
Touching Lives, One Tap at a Time

Narus Health, Inc. provides palliative care services to patients facing a life-limiting illness. A US-based company that assists in care coordination, provides in-home care and real time assessments, presents evidence-based knowledge of treatment options, and empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.

Healthcare, Hospital Care, Mobile App Solutions

Narus Health, Inc. offers palliative care services for individuals dealing with life-limiting illnesses. Our team created an efficient mobile app to redefine the patient experience and improve accessibility for their palliative care services.

Witness the game-changing impact of our app on palliative care.


The challenge was to create a user-friendly, secure mobile app to boost Narus Health products ahead of its competitors. The client wanted to improve the app's design, prioritizing compatibility, ease of use, and accessibility for users who may face challenges navigating mobile devices independently.


We designed an easy-to-use app that allows patients to check reports, stay in touch with doctors, and track prescription status in real-time. Using the latest mobile technologies, we were able to quickly deploy a useful product that empowers users to customize their experience and improve communication with doctors.

Patients now have an easy-to-use app to check their updated reports, stay in touch with doctors, and track the status of their prescription in real-time.

The resulting Narus Health app made its services more accessible to patients, raising the company's popularity and allowing it to reach new markets. The user-centric approach has not only improved patient engagement but also propelled Narus Health's popularity, resulting in a strategic partnership with Lucent Health.