Becton Dickinson
Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Becton Dickinson (BD) is one of the largest medical technology companies in the world. They develop medical devices, instrument systems and reagents that help improve safety and efficiency within the healthcare industry.


As a key player in the medical device industry, Becton Dickinson sought our assistance to streamline their internal workflows and optimize their manufacturing processes for needles and syringes.

Here’s how we made it happen.


The challenge was to design an internal website coordinating manufacturing operations across multiple plants.


We responded by reimagining and improving BD's previous web application, resulting in a new, interconnected platform.

Bi-weekly meetings ensured continuous feedback and client-centric development. The new intranet facilitates efficient plant management from any location, featuring customized admin roles and a centralized superadmin role.

Our team modernized their legacy platform which served as a control tool for executives to create workflows and helped give BD control of all their manufacturing plants on the same platform.

With the multi-plant intranet in place, BD was able to start and validate every project, detect any setbacks as well as control start and finish times for all their operations.