Mede Analytics
Better UX for Better Data

Mede Analytics is an analytical platform that provides detailed reports and versatile analytical tools to Healthcare Providers and Insurance companies. They mainly produce reports such as charts, tables, and data.


Mede Analytics serves a wide range of clients, many of whom find navigating their current platform extremely complicated and reports are unable to provide information in a concise manner.

Mede Analytics has tried redesigning its platform multiple times, but attempts at redesign from both external and internal teams have failed to meet expectations in the past.


Mede Analytics approached us with the intent to design an effective internal website to be used for manufacturing specific types and quantities of needles/syringes.


Starshot plans to build a visually impressive Dashboard that looks appealing and also improves the convenience of using all of Mede Analytics' functions.

Our goal is to simplify the navigation, create better user journeys, and build desirable features from scratch.

With the newly designed UI and UX,reports from Mede Analytics will help their clients make better, more strategic decisions, discover important patterns within their data.

Starshot continues to work on ways to improve Mede Analytics' UX, enabling them to better serve their users needs