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ConnectYourCare (CYC), with more than 70 thousand users and over 7 million daily transactions, is one of the biggest benefit savings providers for healthcare in the U.S. CYC offers a comprehensive solution so that American companies can provide their employees with different healthcare management products:

CYC is a health account management app. Customers can easily submit health claims and manage their health savings account and spending account, health reimbursement arrangements or other CYC services on the go.

The Challenge

The client’s legacy mobile and web technologies lagged behind leaders in the Healthcare Savings space. To be competitive, they needed an up-to-date, scalable solution that would save customers' time, cut administration costs, and represent best-in-class design.

The Solution

The project began with a deep-dive to understand the client’s business case for a product refresh. We then developed a mobile-first strategy that matched revenue-driving activities with customer needs, from a complete rebrand, to instant electronic payments system, OCR, and a simple, elegant UI.


The new mobile and web apps have significantly reduced costs and made all top functions easier for internal and external users.
Payments can be executed in a fraction of the time, customers can review and edit their accounts intuitively, and paperwork has almost completely been eliminated, which also enables the client’s sustainability goals.

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