• Outsourcing, Development Team
Outsourcing, Development Team
7 Benefits When You Choose a Dedicated Team Model for Outsourced Projects
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Isen Santos
August 23, 2023

A dedicated team model is rightly considered as one of the best outsourcing engagement models. Today, many world’s tech giants and newly born startups entrust their IT processes to third-party vendors. Suitable for companies of any size, the dedicated model allows to cut expenditures, increase productivity, and get other important benefits. 

This model is a good option if you need an expert in a very specific area for a short period of time or if you only need a developer for a specific project taking up more time than anticipated. The outsourcing company provides IT specialists (a whole team) who meet the client’s requirements and are entirely focused on the project.

1. Focused Approach and Adaptability

The dedicated development team works over your project with no distractions. The team has a deep understanding and awareness of the development process in its entirety and is always available for comments, propositions, and requirements. 

With this focus also comes vastly increased adaptability. You’re able to modify your team according to the actual needs of your project structure.

2. Global Vision

When you are fully immersed in the development process, you risk losing the big picture. By hiring developers led by a project manager, you can solely participate in decision-making. The dedicated team model allows focusing on primary business activities, marketing, and sales. Your task is just to control the process and give directions when necessary. Thanks to this, your large-scale solutions will be better thought-out and more effective.

3. Marked Cost Efficiency

The best thing about this model is that it allows a company to save money. Finding each separate team member on your own is more complicated and time-consuming than hiring a ready to work team. There is no need to interview and evaluate every candidate and negotiate the salary expectations of each developer. You can get a fully-manned team of developers who are ready to work on your project. The money that you save can be used for technology research and business analysis.

4. Agile Approach

A true step forward in outsourcing, the dedicated team becomes a wingman in your project. The project will be done on time, with all your requirements incorporated. This kind of cooperation is perfect for startups wherein the client wants to control the budget and desires predictable costs. On the other hand, if you have already launched your web project but want to make some changes, this model is also a great solution.

5. Strong Technical Expertise

If you have never formed a development team, you can face numerous pitfalls doing this on your own. A non-professional cannot evaluate the skills of developers and choose the most suitable technology stack. The cooperation with a third-party provider gives you a reliable backup. Such an outsourcing company can offer you its top specialists that have been tried and tested in other projects. It can build a team of strong experts that complement each other with their technical expertise and soft skills. 

6. Continuous Integration

Our fast-paced technological world means current projects continue to evolve at rates we’ve never experienced before. The dedicated team model is ideal for long-lasting projects and those that want to keep up with technology updates. 

Therefore, cooperation with developers doesn’t cease after a certain set of dedicated team services is accomplished, it continues to be monitored and refined after the product is released to help it grow.

7. Accelerated Development Cycle

Another crucial benefit is the speed of delivery. Due to the direct involvement of the client in the process and the dedication of the team, everything runs smoother and you get results more efficiently.

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