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No matter how advanced the technology, a software system is only worth the screen it is typed on if it makes the actual users' lives easier. The key to building systems that are useful, impactful and efficient is knowledge of user's environment, preferences and priorities. At this age, the best dedicated software developers understand their client's business domain.

With our extensive expertise and in-depth industry-specific knowledge, we know what defines successful digital solutions across all industries.



We've Worked With

man driving a car - Starshot Automotive Solutions


Dynamic mobility services for coherent transport

Starshot help automobile, original equipment and parts manufacturers, dealerships, suppliers and software vendors to automate operations, engage with customers and make data-based decisions.

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man showing a tablet to a client - Starshot E-commerce Solutions


Engage & convert with Starshot

From systems to industry-specific platform-based implementations, we build solutions for retail and wholesale, supporting commercial operations, supply chain management, billing, payments and order management.

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woman running - Starshot Sports Solutions


Immersive experience

Our team develops custom sports management software for fitness clubs, athletic programs, and sports medicine practices. We help you overcome your sports management technology challenges.

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boy playing a game - Starshot Gaming Leisure


Immersive game experiences on mobile & pc

Creating games is most passionate and exciting part of our business. We have been successful in delivering highly interactive gaming interfaces with most modern technologies applied to give your gaming enthusiasts a stirring and addictive experience.

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