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Mobile Apps, Travel
How to Travel Smart: Essential Mobile App Trends for Travelers
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Isen Santos
August 23, 2023

The Emerging Travel Trend

Today's era of travelers is tech-savvy and smarter than ever before. Technology is changing the future of Travel and Hospitality industry and brought us a milestone wherein your travel is almost a one tap away. Travel apps, have you heard of them? Have you used one?

Stereotype vs. Smart Travel

With the use of latest technology, travel agencies integrate it along with the conventional process of travel services such as the booking process, accommodation reservations and such alike to ensure prospective clients that their services are up-to-date and relevant.

Why worry if you have these apps to help you with your travel?

Essential Travel Apps You Should Check Out

When almost everyone today owns a smartphone, it is now becoming a necessity and one of the most effective tools for modern communication. Everyone might heard of or have tried to use several travel apps and It is also possible that you have listened about chatbots a lot in recent years, for example, to make  reservations or book flights.

What are the trending travel apps you could try and will recommend to your friends?

Here are a few that might help you:

Travel Mobile Apps

Booking and Accommodation app

These apps offer from all-in-one travel planning and booking solutions to travel itineraries, flight details, hotel reservations and be able to take advantage of last minute hotel deals and prices. You can check MyTSA, Google Trips, Hipmunk, Skiplagged, Airbnb, Roomer or Hotel Tonight.

Flight Itinerary

These apps provide flight boarding time, reservations, itineraries, terminal maps, a boarding pass scanner, a flight tracker and directions to shuttle buses and booking options for everything from parking to lounge access. You can check Hopper, FLIO or TripIt.

Trip Advisor Office

Mapping Apps and Location Services

Car hailing, real-time traffic information and rerouting. These are few functionalities that these apps offer. Also, they include tracking down the cheapest gas in the region and the various establishments nearby using the GPS location. You might want to check Uber,Waze, GasBuddy, Roadtrippers, Trip Advisor, or Kayak.


These apps will help you with functionalities such as getting your passport, providing checklist of travel essentials, planning your travel itineraries, up to checking weather forecast and other tool kits that provides mobile data and roaming rates for SMS, voice calls, and also translations and currency conversions that comes handy in case you might need it. You can check Mobile passport, PackPoint, AccuWeather, Wifi Map, Encrypt.me, WhatsApp, GoogleTranslate, iTranslate Converse or XE Currency.

Those are just few suggestions for travel apps that you might need and help you along with your travel. Still there are things need to consider when choosing the best among those mobile apps.

But those are not bad to start with. Happy browsing!

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